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I have an immense passion for nutrition and how food affects our bodies, minds and emotions. Nutrition information is always changing, making it confusing and difficult to make confident, positive decisions about your health and wellness. My Nutrition Method is a lifestyle and is far more than just nutrition and food. Though food is a major component, my method involves integrating stress management, exercise, positive relationships with others, nourishing food, sleeping habits, and identifying and engaging in things that make you truly happy. This truly is an opportunity to work on all of the ways to keep you living FIT and well.

nutritional-consultation Jump Start Consultation

This consultation is a 1-on-1 with me to answer any and all of your questions about healthy living, nutrition, how to create your dream body or how to change your lifestyle completely. 

These sessions are directed by you, to ensure all of your questions are being answered. Topics may include:

  • Healthy living in general
  • Knowing what supplements to take
  • What “diet” to be on
  • How many grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fat you need
  • What foods you should be eating/avoiding
  • How to cook on a weekly basis for yourself and your family
  • What to buy at the grocery store
  • How to balance exercise and nutrition, and so much more.

Keeping your mind and body healthy, happy, and focused on your next move to reaching your goals. 


  • One 60 minutes session guided by you
  • Access to me via email for 14 days to answer any follow-up questions.
  • This is an introductory session for all other packages to get information on how to customize your meal plans for future sessions if applicable. 

This consultation is a great way to kickstart your healthy living habits, by getting personalized information that will support your lifestyle needs.


dietician_12104681-655x280 Vai Life Nutrition Package

This 1 Month Package is perfect if you are wanting to make a real commitment to your health journey. We start with the Jump Start Consultation, and add-on 3 follow-up visits.  The initial consultation allows me to get to know you on all levels, including your past experiences with diets, relationship to food, exercise routine, food likes/dislikes, challenges you’ve come across, and much more. This comprehensive consultation will allow me to make specific recommendations tailored to your personal nutrition and  your lifestyle.


  • 4 total sessions – 60 minutes session each time
  • Complete customized meal plan, with full nutrition and dietary assessment
  • Individual goals and recommendations
  • Grocery Shopping List
  • 20 of my favorite healthy recipes



grocery-shopping “Shop With Me” Shopping Trip

It can be overwhelming to navigate the maze of foods at the grocery store. That’s why I created “Shop With Me”! I can guide you through the aisles of your favorite grocery store to teach you how to you choose the best foods for you and your family? You’ll learn how to read nutrition labels and how to spot a ‘better-for-you’ alternative foods. These sessions are guaranteed to leave you feeling more confident in your shopping and healthy food choices.

70 minutes


Get 50% off “Shop With Me” Shopping Trip when you add it to Vai Life Nutrition Package

Total price $225


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