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Pilates is a whole body conditioning method designed to improve strength, flexibility, posture and endurance while promoting mind/body connection. Pilates classes are taught on “the mat” and brand new Pilates equipment specially designed to maximize your physical learning without adding unnecessary strain often found in other body conditioning routine. People practice Pilates for variety of reasons ranging from reduction of pain caused by faulty alignment, to getting a balanced, effective workout. Pilates creates recognizable physical changes and will leave you feeling mentally and physically relaxed and rejuvenated.

The encouragement and instruction she provided were, and continue to be, key components to my fitness success.” – Katy Strand

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Reformer Pilates Classes

The Pilates Reformer was originally designed by Joseph Pilates to assist his students through various ranges of motion and get them strong enough so they could do the Pilates Mat work properly. Over the years, the design has evolved considerably, but the basic design has a sliding platform attached with springs at one end which can be moved by pulling on ropes or pushing off from a stationary foot bar. Instead of weights, the steel springs smoothly provide the resistance. The springs offer more resistance at the strongest point of muscle contraction and less resistance to the finishing point, reducing stress on the tendons and ligaments in the body.The Reformer is fully adjustable to allow for proper body stabilization, alignment, support and breathing. The high level of adjustability allows you to perform a wide variety of exercises in different positions: standing, sitting, kneeling or lying down. The Reformer focuses on the muscles of the abdominals, gluteus maximus and shoulder girdle. This class will improve your core strength, reduce back pain and increase flexibility. The workout includes exercises for mobility, stability, spine flexion and extension, balance and strength. The range of motion and level of resistance can be adjusted to accommodate individual fitness levels or goals.

Mat Pilates

A Mat Pilates workout focuses on integrating the entire body, rather than isolating each body part separately using your own body weight and gravity. It improves awareness of how you sit, stand and move and enables you to relate how those habits contribute to life’s little aches and pains. Joseph Pilates originally called his work “contrology.” He considered this to be a body/mind/spirit approach to movement founded on the integrative effect of principles such as centering, concentration, control, precision, breath, and flow. At Vai Fitness, these principles continue to guide the approach to all of our Pilates classes.

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“Bunda”lates or Bundalates is a 55-minute workout based on the principles of Pilates but with a focus not only on abs and lower back but also on the “bunda.” “Bunda” in Portuguese is slang for behind, butt, bum, backside, or gluteus maximus. In Brazil, we focus on our backside as much as our front side!

Silvia Giamanco has designed this class to be an intensive lower body workout using the Pilates method combined with isometrics. Like standard ab workouts, the class focuses on the core – the upper and lower abdomen and lower back, but unlike these traditional classes, this workout also focuses on the major muscles of the gluteus of the buttocks: gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus. Bundalates uses strengthening and sculpting movements to lift, firm, and shape your behind, slimming and toning the hips and thighs. The glutes is an often ignored part of one’s core, but not in this class! This total core workout will improve your overall fitness level in plenty of time for summer!

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ABsolute Strength

Introducing a brand new class that is a master collaboration with Vai Fitness and 3R Personal Training! ABsolute Strength is a 60 min class divided in two 30 minutes workouts with 2 of San Diego’s best personal trainers. Work your Core, incorporating Pilates method, targeting your back and abs with Silvia Giamanco. Then move to get your cardio and strength training fix with Brandon Cheeks, using dumbbells and other apparatus in a fun, moderately paced workout. Its full body conditioning like you’ve never experienced. Price for this class is $15 each or a series of 4 for $50. Purchase here or pay in cash when you drop in.

Silvia Giamanco can be found running classes and personal training at her new location:

Vai Fitness
1460 7th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

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