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Client Spotlight – My new attitude – Debbie Pond

“Vai Fitness has helped me change my attitude about working out!”

I discovered Vai Fitness through a membership promotion. I’m in my mid 40’s and at my worst weight and fitness level, so taking the initiative to go into a gym, but realizing what I need to do for myself, was a big pill for me to swallow. I met with the owner Silvia, who was kind and genuine and encouraging, offering to help me with the baby steps I had to take. The sense of relief I felt by someone really understanding all of the roadblocks I put up for myself to get to a fitter self, brought me to tears.

I’m a slow starter but Silvia helped me get through that by texting me little ‘hello’s” in the morning and ask me about plans to “coming in soon?” This gave me accountability, which I needed.

Fast forward through the last seven months later and I can’t get enough of these classes! I can see how my body has changed with muscle and weight loss. I feel terrific!

I so look forward to going to my classes now, Sylvia has passionate, dedicated instructors who have helped me strive for better and they make it fun and interesting!

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