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Client Spotlight – Goodbye Baby Weight – Katy Strand

I had always been someone who is interested in fitness and a good-looking, healthy body. Unfortunately, four years ago, I was diagnosed with a thyroid disease and my physique, as well as my fitness, fell by the wayside.

Over a year ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. The thyroid struggle and pregnancy culminated in me weighing more than I had at any other point in my life.  My self-confidence was at an all time low and I was constantly sluggish.  Four months into being a mother, I decided I needed to do something about the situation I faced when I looked in the mirror.

I visited a few fitness studios and was unimpressed by their cold environment and the lackluster attention to clients and their needs. That is when I found Silvia and Vai Fitness.  I had always been extremely fearful of group and instructed exercise, but the moment I entered the Vai Fitness studio, my fears were alleviated.  I felt a warmth and comfort at Vai Fitness that instantly suggested I was in the right environment.  Silvia took great care to get to know me and my situation and worked with me personally to make certain I would achieve the results I wanted.

The encouragement and instruction she provided were, and continue to be, key components to my fitness success.  I have had the opportunity to take numerous classes from Silvia and the amazing team of professionals she has built at Vai Fitness, including Reformer Pilates, Springboard Pilates, Vai Mix, Vai Cross Fit, Body Blast and Barre.  Each class is dynamic and fun and I always leave with a smile on my face, a feeling that new friendships have been made and the rewarding knowledge that I am giving myself the beautiful, lifelong gift of a healthy body and healthy mind.

I am now the mother of a 16 month old, with a size 4 body, and I have never felt so amazing, sexy and strong.  If you need motivation, support and a family away from home, Vai Fitness is absolutely your place.  It changed my life!  In fact, I am so inspired by the work Silvia does at Vai Fitness, that I have decided to go through the Vai Fitness certification program she has created so that I can become an instructor with the Vai Fitness family later this year!  Thank you, Silvia and Vai Fitness, for all the work you do and for reintroducing me to the passion for fitness that lay dormant in me for so long!  I will be forever grateful!

Katy Strand

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