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MOur Mission

Our mission at Vai Fitness is to change the lives of the clients we work with. We empower women to love and embrace their bodies, realize their own potential strengths and make the healthy lifestyle an enjoyable and positive experience. Our goal is to encourage, support, and guide you into becoming a stronger and more confident woman.

Think of the results you’ll achieve!

What if there was a way for you to transform your outlook and lifestyle—to feel more healthy and comfortable in your own skin? At Vai Fitness you will train with like-minded women who are experts in the field, and have achieved fantastic results for many clients. We uplift and appreciate each other here at Vai. After reading this, we have one question for you. Are you interested in becoming part of this community?

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There is a gym on almost every corner in San Diego, but you’re intelligent enough to know that it only takes the one perfect gym to give you the results you’ve been wanting to achieve. We offer an array of services to help you hit your goals and crush them.

Let’s work together to empower you to get a grip on your health goals. With tailored one-on-one personal training and nutrition guidance, this is a recipe for creating the ultimate, confident, sexy woman.

Being sexy is more than just a physical appearance. Being sexy is part of your confidence. Everyone loves a woman with complete confidence in herself—wouldn't you agree?

Join Vai Fitness and begin the journey of becoming the best possible version of yourself. Don't waste another minute. Start working toward your health and fitness goals NOW! We're excited to hear from you!

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Mash your #SquatGoals with your #SquadGoals

Introducing UNLIMITED Small Training Groups with Vai Fitness! Get your 1st Week on Us!
Switch up your workout routine and move farther on your path to get in the best shape of your life. We're here to help you to be the confident, sexy woman you've always wanted to be.

SOur Services

We want you to allow your confidence and sexiness to shine. Our programs are fully customized to fit your needs.
For more information or to view the class schedule please visit the MindBody Scheduler or call 619-206-0026.


Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is a whole body conditioning method designed to improve your strength, flexibility, posture and endurance while promoting mind/body connection. This class will improve your core strength, reduce back pain and increase flexibility!


Group Fitness Training

We hold group fitness classes at a maximum of 12 people per class. Our goal is to keep it intimate so that our expert personal trainers can focus on helping you perfect your form to give you the results you deserve.


Personal Training

Sexy, Confident Transformation Program is designed for the ultimate woman searching to finally feel confident and sexy about herself. We work on your mindset, nutrition, and physical exercise to get you specific results by the next 12 weeks. That's all it takes—just 12 weeks!

Cindy Pon

"I have had the great fortune to be able to work out consistently 3x a week at VAI for the last 5 months. I have never felt stronger or more fit. I went in with aching knees and shoulder from my issues with loose joints. Silvia and Katherine made sure I did the right training to strengthen all those muscles to support my weak joints as well as nutritional guidance to make those better and right choices for my body. And I also lost the extra stress pounds i had gained in the process!"

Michelle Limon

"The best personal training in San Diego!!!! 💪🏽 Transform your body in a comfortable, well equipped facility with 2 of the most caring, motivating and highly knowledgeable trainers Katherine Tyler & Silvia Giamanco!!! Love you both 😘"

Michele Bells

"Silvia is a go to and fun trainer I highly recommend. She genuinely cares and wants you to succeed in your fitness goals. I've known Silvia for many years and making her clients fit is her life's passion. If you stick with it, she will stick with you to achieve results."

MMeet Our Team

Silvia Giamanco

Owner of Vai Fitness

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Silvia Giamanco

Owner of Vai Fitness

Kristen O'Malley

Vai Fitness Pilates Instructor

Reach out to us to schedule an appointment with Kristen!

Kristen O'Malley

Vai Fitness Pilates Instructor

Jana Valesova

Vai Fitness Personal Trainer

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Jana Valesova

Vai Fitness Personal Trainer

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